As if my Korea fever needed more steam...

 My first Korean food experience today and I fell completely in love!
There's one Korean restaurant in Finland. For my utter luck it's located at Helsinki and I had the opportunity to go with my godmother today! YAY!

Fried kimchi and pork with tofu was the main dish and OH MY GOD! It was delicious~!!

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I'm so glad all of you have been doing so great with your weight loss!! (I still haven't got a scale, which is rather a shame because I haven't been able to see if I've lost any or just gained during the summer, lol.) Tomorrow: Shopping a digital scale. I'm SO scared! 

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Year 2010-2011, anyone?


I spent the whole July at Kaskinen doing voluntary work with some friends. It was a course type of thing, learning experience of yourself while helping others. No phone, no internet, no make up, no actual shower, no electricity and we actually ate fish everyday, fish that we had to catch... I'm so glad the boys were so good at it, otherwise my dieting would've turned into starving...
It was probably the worst and the best month of my life so far. It was... There's no words to describe it. 

But now I'm back in Helsinki, laying on my bed after a LONG shower and enjoying  family time with my baby (MacBook Pro). <3!!

I hope all you guys have had an AWESOME summer and are ready for the next year. My school starts tomorrow and I'm so excited to think I only have four months to complete the course and after that I'm DONE, fully qualified hairdresser, yay! 

(I don't think I'm ever going to actually realize that the year starts in January, not August... Maybe because I'm a student and never worked full time, I tend to think that years start In August (like school years) and end in the end of May, then there's the summer and then the next year... Weird.)

It's weird but the first days of August always feels like a fresh start... Every year.   o__O;

Off to read what you guys have been up to  ~~~~~~~>


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Midsummer day and some random ramblings~

 Hello everyone! 
I was at my parents summer house for the last 5 days and they don't have internet connection there, which means, no updates! Sorry for not informing beforehand, if someone missed me, and if you didn't, don't tell me because I've been living in this beautiful dreamland where I get comments like: "Glad you're back, missed you, I hope it was fun!"   Joke. (At least half of it was. You can decide which half.)

So. Midsummer day (Juhannus)! <3 I love it. It's the best part of the year after Christmas, which is the best. In Finnish we have this saying: Jouluna ja Juhannuksena. Which means: At Christmas and at Midsummer day - the first one is for your family and the second one is for your other family, the one's you've picked, your friends. So me and 12 of my dearest friends (ok, there's six of them but they've all divided like bacteria. Ok fine! Hmph. I've been told the word is boyfriend, (and that it has something more to do with gaining something than dividing) but it seems like an awful virus that you can't get rid of even if you DO keep your clothes on... :P)  
Anyway, we were at my parents place as they decided to stay home this year and it was AWESOME! 
We had sauna, Baltic Sea, canoes, midsummer bonfire, beer, good food, good company, board games, and the most beautiful view! I'll show you when I get the pictures on my computer.

Diet? Well, I may have not eaten as healthily as was the intention, but I also didn't eat all the chocolate cookies Minna baked or all the ice cream Sora brought with her. So I'm pleased. Because, well, the old me would've done exactly that...
Seriously, I can relate to Pac Man: 

What else is new? Oh. I decided I'm starting to pretend I'm deaf when I go to gym. Why? 
Well, someone had hit on lindsaylikesart at the gym she does her work outs and I realized that while it's awesome for her, I would propably freak out, get an heart attack and die. Not a good way to go. I would have to come back and haunt him the rest of his life. "I hadn't achieved my target weight you idiot! I died overweight and it's you fault!" ... Poor guy. I hope that never happens. :O

I also watched a movie during the weekend, The Laramie Project and I cried my eyes out. I've never been more grateful that I've been born so late to this world. And more importantly, to this side of the world where I can at least have the illusion of equality. I'm starting uni this year - religious studies. But I already know that after my Bachelor's degree I want to do my masters on human rights and maybe gender and sexuality studies. Because it kind of hit me yesterday that equality still is exactly what I said before, illusion. And as a HUGE Harry Potter fan, I of course want to follow his footsteps: there's no such thing as pure blood for Gryffindor's sake! 

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Food journal, Day 11

Breakfast: cherries, quark
snack: dehydrated plums
lunch: salad: olives, feta, tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, dressing: olive oil, lemon juice and pepper 
dinner: rest of the same salad ^
evening: more plums and two cups of pepsi max (God it was SO good!!)

I'm trying chubcheeks recipe  for tomorrow. Two my really good friends are visiting and I offerend to make something good, which will be: "a slice of angel food cake, couple scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt, and a handful of fresh strawberries." I hope they like it, because I've been waiting forever to try it out!

And for thinspiration today... Collapse )

food journal, Day 10

Yup. Fail.
Ok, not entirely as I did it with a clear mind and all aware of my decision.
I gave myself permission to fail today because my godmother visited - and she loves food at least as much as I do and ALWAYS has heard of these new places she wants to try out. (And she insists paying, which is even better.)
We ate in a really cozy restaurant called Little Italy - the salmon was to die for! And I ate A LOT of wheat bread that I usually try to avoid in all costs. I don't even want to think about how many calories the mashed potatoes with parmesan had or the white wine or the piece of chocolate cake we shared as dessert.

Breakfast: some pineapple, cherries
lunch/dinner: Little Italy, I really can't remember everything we ate there. I think it would've actually been healthier to eat Italy (yes, the country) than the food Little Italy is serving...
evening: a kiwi, 8D

You guys want thinspiration? Thought so. But you're not getting it. Why? Because today I read something fantastic. It's about life and appreciating yours - because if you don't, who will? Not a long story, takes 5 to 10 minutes to read. :)
Baking through suicide by deviantkupo

I hope you're all well and kicking!

Food journal, Day 9 and then some

I've been craving ice cream the whole day. Preferably chocolate ice cream.
But my favorite has 270calories/100g and I know that if I buy the carton I'm going to eat it all, which will be ... more than 2000 calories. Yup. So I didn't buy it. Instead I bought frozen strawberries and frozen carrots and now I'm eating those and you know what? It's not the same but these are definitely good also! :D (What do you mean it's like cheating yourself? It's not! ... Ok, maybe little.)
The carrots are actually VERY good - I'm surprised.

Breakfast: innerlight 0,5l
snack: an apple
lunch: fried vegetables
dinner: vegetable soup
evening: strawberries, carrots

Thinspiration is not always a picture of a skeleton girl. It can be something that puts a smile on your lips and encourages you to continue your journey. Here's something that does it for me, hopefully for you too!

Two of my biggest role models dancing together. <3
(And no, there aren't any huge European names who would pass these two. Aleksander Stubb comes close (the Foreign Minister of Finland) and Stephan Pastis is a good fourth... He's also American, DAMN, I definitely was born to the wrong continent!)

Attention! Personal angst ahead. Depressing. Consider yourselves warned. I'm not going to make a habit of it, promise!

I've been a little down today. My best friend just got engaged and I'm happy for her, I really am, but at the same time I feel lonely. :/ It's been a while that I've felt like I actually want someone to share my life. Actually, why have we changed the good tradition of arranged marriages?! *headdesk*
Yeah, yeah, I know, I've heard it all. You've still got plenty of time, you're only 21. You're going to find the one. But when everyone around you are settling down and all, bleh. And honestly, I get so bored with all the candidates so quickly, where are the spontaneous and funny ones? I'm convinced my other half lives entirely on another planet. What do you mean wishful thinking!?

Food journal, Day 8

Breakfast: innerlight 0,5l + chocolate 44g (I know, extremely healthy, NOT.)
snack: a mandarin
lunch: salmon salad (~300g)
snack: innerlight 0,5l
dinner: Home made pizza slice (~250g) at Milla's & Heidi's place, it was SO yummy. A cup of coffee with milk. Some juice.

Milla's iPhone is awesome, I'm writing this entry with it and enjoying myself truly. I want one!!

What can I say, I truly am a macfag. ^_______________^/
(Maybe that needs some clearing up? Most PC-fanatics say that people who own macs are gay, because they only care about the looks and style, not about the *insert geeky stuff here. Lots of it*. In my opinion, macs and apple may be expensive and all that, but then again, they're user friednlier, more stylish and good at marketin: seriously who wouldn't want something that has Justin Long associated with it? <3 So what I'm saying is that there's absolutely nothing wrong in my opinion to be one of those mac-people who know nothing about computers. That's exactly the reason we have macs in the first place! Ok, maybe the second, as Long is the first. Just kidding!)
And in case you were wondering, yes, my nick comes from the 'macfag' as well. It just has Q in the end, because I have some fond memories I associate with the letter.

Food journal, Days 6 & 7

Breakfast: Sleepsleepsleep.
snack: innerlight 1l,
lunch: a nectarine, an apple, some salad (stolen from Satu's plate when she wasn't looking, later she gave me the rest)
dinner: noodles, yummy!

Breakfast: innerlight 1l
lunch: chicken soup (Iman made for the whole class)
snack: innerlight 0,5l + chocolate 44g
dinner: noodles again!

I've had two crazy days at work and school so I haven't had time to cook. But I've managed. I don't like eating noodles, even if they're really good, as they're definitely not the healthiest choice. It's basically just eating salt, cooking oil, wheat and food additives... Well I guess that's healthier than eating two huge chocolate muffins, which I almost did. Thank God my friends were there to support me. (Yeah, right, supporting me by eating the delicious looking muffins in front of me, great friends I've got. <3)

Now sleep and tomorrow more work! I'm sorry but I don't have time to read my flist during the weekend or now, because I'm working like crazy - and I do have to sleep at some point. (My mum told me so, and because I'm a good kid, I'm doing it without whining.)

So see you next week beautifuls! Have an awesome weekend!

Food journal, Day 5

I did the most perfect haircolor at KFcolor training today! It was... perfect. In all ways. Just. Wow. 
But I didn't take a picture of it *headdesk*, *hateself*...  -__-;;

To more important things: 
Breakfast: nectarine
snack: innerlight 0,5l
lunch: salad: olives(green), tomatoes, feta, tofu, lintils, cucumber, macaroni and I think it was a mayo dressing, I didn't cook it so I don't know.
snack: mandarin, latte
dinner: salad: feta, tomatoes, cucumber, olives (black), onion + some walnuts + raisins

Plus I drank one liter of water. Wow, it was such a good day! I love coloring hair! :D

Hmm. The salad I ate during the day was VERY good but I think there were like 8 million calories in it because of the dressing, but I don't feel bad eating it, because it was a good food day in general. ^^

Now, we need some thinspiration with AWESOME hair:

(Not so much thinspiration as much as hair, I know. But isn't it awesome? Hair fashion = beautiful & not meant to actually work in daily life.)